Hello! I'm
Emmanuel Oderemi,
I provide web solutions..

I'm a software engineer based in Lagos, Nigeria.
I specialize in building responsive, exceptional, high-quality websites and applications.

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Hello! I'm Emmanuel, a Full stack developer on the MERN stack. I enjoy thinking up solutions and making functionalities reach implementation. I absolutely love working in a team with other creative minds.

Core Technologies

Node / Express
Git/Git Workflows

Other Technologies



Featured Project

Issue Tracker (Group Project)

A little app for monitoring tasks to be completed.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Featured Project

Red Apron

An Online Recipe Sharing app. This app allows you upload recipes. It makes use of a firebase backend.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Firebase

Featured Project

TOGAJ Photography App

An Online Gallery app. Built for a particular client to upload his pictures for public consumption. The admin has exclusive rights to add photos and delete photos. Every other user is allowed to view photographs only.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React, Node/Express, MongoDB

Featured Project

User Listing App

An application that consumes an API to list users. You can view users individually, you can also search for specific users. It also allows you sort, as well as download CSV files of Users.
HTML, CSS, React, Git Workflow

Featured Project


A Rent prediction application. Its model is focused on Lagos state majorly. The application basically gives you an estimate of how much you are likely to pay as rent for a year depending on location. This is a team project, consisting of UI / UX designers, Datascientists, as well as Software Engineers.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node/Express, Machine Learning

Featured Project

Mile 13 (In Development)

A social commerce application. Buyers and sellers get to interact. More like a social media, commerce platform. A Fullstack application.
NextJs, Typescript, Styled-Components, Node, Express, Graphql, Vercel, Heroku

Featured Project

Vibeoo Ads App (In Development)

An application that will handle the adverts placements on the Vibeoo app. Project is still in development. The application will allow a user signup and make payments, then they will be able to upload adverts. The application will then supply the Vibeoo app with paid adverts. The /campaign, /dashboard are up but still being worked on.
Nextjs, Typescript, Styled-components, Graphql, Node/Express

Featured Project

Vibeoo App

A podcast app. Simply put, radio on demand.
NextJs, Typescript, Styled-Components, Node, Express, Vercel

Featured Project

Seeooh App

An application built for the OOH players. The app will handle figures, as well as information on the various billboards that particular partner is handling. This is more of a niche application.
Nextjs, Typescript, Styled-components, Graphql, Node/Express

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